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We delve into the world of cats, sharing cat knowledge about care, health, and other cat-related things. Whether you’re a new cat owner or a seasoned cat parent, there’s information here to benefit you. From proper eating habits to daily care tips, we’ll provide you with expert advice to help you become a caring cat owner.

Novice cat owners,Propietarios de gatos novatos,Начинающие владельцы кошек,Acemi kedi sahipleri,Những người nuôi mèo mới làm quen,Mga baguhang may-ari ng pusa,養貓新手

Novice cat owners, these common sense to keep your cat healthy and happy!

Cat ownership is a pet care activity full of fun and challenges. For novice cat owners, it is very important to understand some basic common sense to keep your cat healthy and happy!

Common diseases in cats,Enfermedades comunes de los gatos,Распространенных заболеваний у кошек,Kedilerde Yaygın 5 Hastalık,Bệnh Thường Gặp Ở Mèo,Karaniwang sakit sa mga pusa,貓常見的5種疾病

5 Common Diseases In Cats, Cat Owners Should Remember To Collect

As more and more families raise cats, the problems encountered in the process of raising cats also increase. However, whether they are novice cat owners or cat owners who have raised cats for many years, in fact, they are still facing the problem of cat illness. 

Human foods can cats eat,Alimentos humanos pueden comer los gatos,Человеческую Еду Можно Есть Кошкам,Hangi İnsan Gıdalarını Yiyebilir,những loại thức ăn nào của con người,pagkain ng tao ang maaaring kainin ng mga pusa,貓咪可以吃哪些人類食物

What Human Foods Can Cats Eat?

As more and more people raise cats, many cat owners pay great attention to their cats’ diet. In fact, in addition to cat food, the following 6 kinds of food are very suitable for cats to eat. If you have never fed them before, it is not too late to know now. You can try it!

Place of cat litter box,lugares de la caja de arena para gatos,места для кошачьего туалета,Kumu Kutusunun,Những Nơi Để Hộp Vệ Sinh Cho Mèo, Lugar na Ito ng Cat Litter Box,貓砂盆位置

Where Is Your Cat Litter Box? These Place Of Cat Litter Box Can Help Cats Live More Comfortably!

Going to the toilet is one of the top priorities for cats, and the place of cat litter box is also very particular. The correct position will make the cat’s life more comfortable!

Cat Rescue

We take active action and use practical actions to care for stray cats in distress. With the love fund established by the company, we not only provide feeding and medical services for stray cats, but are also committed to finding warm families for them. Let us work together to bring hope and warmth to these helpless little lives, so that more cats can receive care and rescue!

mundo de los gatos callejeros,Ấm Thế Giới Mèo Hoang

Warm The World Of Stray Cats With Love

In this busy corner of the city, stray cats roam in obscurity. They may have had a warm home, but now they can only make a living on the streets by themselves. They watched helplessly as people rushed by, longing for a morsel of food and warm attention.

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